Odissi Student Recital

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Flyer design credit: Akari Ueoka
Photo credit: Akari Ueoka

Odissi Student Recital 2019
Saturday, December 7th

at Alexander Academy of Performing Arts, Haliimaile, Maui

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Triumph - noun, a great victory or achievement

Human spirits are incredible. Noteworthy triumphs are demonstrated around the world, but triumph can be happening in our daily lives, too. 

For the past three and a half years, my dear students have been triumphing learning Odissi. This dance, originated in temples of India, is breathtakingly beautiful and spiritually uplifting; however, learning is not so easy. The complex dance form requires patience and dedication. Self-doubt, insecurity, and frustration can come up.

But when we let the spirit of dance be distilled in us over time, it becomes a part of us, and the accumulated essence in us takes us to somewhere whole and somewhere wonderful. But again, it takes time and practice.

Therefore, proud must be the word to use here to describe my feelings I have for my dear students: Sonia Avasthi, Amardeepa Prem, and Pushkin Nandini Chattopadhayay. They are still beginners in this art form; however, they have reached a point where they can present a couple of dance items on their own. Now, this is a triumph.

Today, I am here to announce that we are holding our very first student recital, which is joined by wonderful senior students of Sarala Dandekar of Darshan Dance Project. I am so grateful that my dance sisters, Mala Carano and Jenny Baker-Zangpo are joining us making this student recital a full program.

We would like to invite our friends and family to join us celebrating this blossoming. Thank you for your continuous support. Because of you, we are here.

And most importantly, my deepest appreciation goes to my teacher, Sarala Dandekar. Without her, I would not be here in this way. She has guided me through ups and downs of this journey. Also, I’d like to humbly mention Guru Jhelum Paranjape and Guru Vishnu Tattva Das here to honor their instructions. I will continue to distill their teaching in me to pass it on to the best of my ability.